The rule of 7 has come up in a few conversations this week, so I thought it was a good topic to provide some more information on.

What is the rule of 7? The Rule of 7 is a marketing principle that states that your prospects need to come across your brand/ offering at least seven times before they actually take notice of it and respond. That being said, prospects might be exposed to your offer more than seven times, but the rule goes – they need to see it at least seven times. 
We see and hear ads all day. From our phones, TV, radio, billboards and bus stops – brands are everywhere. The rule of 7 is a good guide to follow when running any marketing campaign, to help prospects remember you amid an overwhelming amount of other brands they are exposed to on a daily basis. 
If that seems overwhelming or inaccurate, start taking note of every ad you see and where/ when you see it. You will soon start to see a trend. These are the very clever algorithms digital marketers can utilise to get your brand in front of the right viewer. 

Collecting data from your campaigns helps us to position your ads correctly to get them in front of the right prospects, thus giving you better results from your marketing campaign.

Some of the more popular ways of getting your brand noticed digitally include –

Content, content, content. This could be video content, a podcast or blog.

Direct emails (also referred to as eDMs or email marketing) – the rule of 7 is easier to implement if you have an existing database. Don’t worry if you don’t already have one, you will build a database over time as your business grows.

Social media – it’s not all selfies and hashtags. Businesses can directly target their target audiences a lot easier with Facebook and Instagram.

If you want to talk more about how you can ulitise digital marketing for your business – we would love to help you jaz up your marketing!