It’s website health check month, ok so it’s not officially, but I think every month should be. When was the last time you checked your website? And I mean really checked it. Made sure your content was error free. Clicked every link to ensure they are still set up correctly. Updated your images, blog or news section. Can’t remember? Then it’s been too long. You might think websites are easy – publish it then let it work for you. But things happen on the web, gremlins if you will, that can make links break or images to incorrectly load or fail to load. And it’s often out of your control and not usually pointed out until a client says “Oh, that’s not working on your website” and then you go into panic mode. Most businesses don’t employ a full time web developer or manager, and that’s where I can help. Web health checks should be something scheduled every month because your website is often the first time people see your business, so you want it always looking good. Get in contact with me and I will help you Jaz up your marketing.