During this time of change you have to be prepared for the fact that whatever traffic you are tracking, its behaviour will be considerably different from ever before and possibly ever again.
So while you might still be watching your online traffic reports closer than before, you need to understand every business, including online-only businesses, are experiencing wonderful highs and plummeting lows.

As it always should have been, the online user experience is critical.

Some suggestions to keep your website relevant are listed below.

1. Investing in chat or optimising your chat function.
People have questions and they don’t want to have to wait on hold or for someone to email them back. This is a massive area for conversion.

2. Optimising the cart experience.
How easily can people shop and checkout? How easily can they find all the information they need? People have time to shop around now and they’re going to want to know your delivery process, refund and return policies. Test your website check-out function frequently for bugs.

3. Double down on your email marketing.
Converting existing customers is going to much easier right now than introducing new customers. Using experimentation principles in eDM will be the difference between selling and not selling in this period.

4. Managing expectations around delivery.
People are looking at this more closely than usual. You need to manage expectations around delivery time frames if you know there will be delays. If you use Australia Post or a courier company, you need to know what’s happening with their services and be upfront before the customer checks out.

5. Focus on average order value and not transaction rate.
Depending on what category you are on your AOV will be important. Given most people are self-isolating the need rate will drop, so focus on findings ways (via experimentation) that will increase average order.
Whoever is now investing in optimising their web experience, whoever has their online channels performing, is going to be best placed to survive and thrive in this unprecedented environment.

Be Ready
What’s happening now is unprecedented because it’s affecting everyone, not just some industries.
Now is the time to be strategic and get your online channels in order.
So.. Is your website ready?